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Luminesy: Ihr Händler für einzigartige Innenbeleuchtung

Luminesy bietet nicht nur bekannte Marken an, sondern ist auch ein stolzer Botschafter kleiner lokaler Beleuchtungsstudios und -werkstätten. Wir bieten eine schöne Auswahl einzigartiger Stile, Materialien und Farben, die Sie bei keinem anderen großen Beleuchtungshändler finden werden.


London, Hong Kong oder Miami – wir kriegen das hin


Wir passen oder schlagen jeden Preis


Für jede Bestellung über 100 EUR wird ein Baum gepflanzt


Erhalten Sie Handelspreise und spezielle Unterstützung für Projekte

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Über Luminesie

Wie alles begann

The story of Luminesy began with its founder - Reinis. "The very origins of the idea can be traced back to my childhood - late evenings spent in the office of my mother, an interior designer... all of the furniture and lighting catalogs that were laying around on almost every cupboard at home... as well as the memories of how excited my mother was about her projects and sharing them with me, which taught me the appreciation for design, detail, and functionality at a very young age."

These warm memories were the basis for founding Luminesy, the desire to offer quality lamps and lighting solutions and to make them more accessible not only to interior designers and architects, but also to any person who would like to implement them in their home without a professional, but by their own efforts.

"When I was in the process of building and furnishing my own house, it was time to start looking for light fixtures. the study of this topic, precisely the availability of lighting solutions, began. Soon I realized that despite there being many strong players in the lighting and furnishing market, none appealed to me. The offering was very similar, and the physical shopping process was extremely time-consuming. Then a thought crept into my mind - what if I can do it better? What if I could create a lamp store where it is easy to find unique lamps, with professional and friendly customer service, and where love for good design is the backbone of the whole shopping experience? So when I told this idea to my friends, they encouraged me to try it... and here I am, I founded the company in 2019 and now were are growing in full swing!" says Reinis.

Since the company's humble beginning, Luminesy has become an industry leader in online lighting retail, selling to more than 50 countries worldwide. More recently, the company has shifted its focus towards sustainable lighting and design, by offering CO2-neutral delivery, planting trees for each purchase, and by adding a number of sustainable brands that care for the environment. Sustainability has become a key part of Luminesy's growth strategy.

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