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THE SISTERS MEDIUM - Pendelleuchte


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Color: Fog

  • Fog
  • Twilight
  • Rain
  • Dawn
  • Sunrise
  • Mist
  • Noon
  • Aurora
  • Blossom

lead time 2-4 weeks

lead time 2-4 weeks

lead time 2-4 weeks

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lead time 2-4 weeks

lead time 2-4 weeks

lead time 2-4 weeks

lead time 2-4 weeks

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The Sisters pendant lamp from Mammalampa - lamps with rich color variety.

Contemporary design lamps are made in the manner of traditional paintings - a canvas painted with color nuances and brush strokes. Choose from Mammalampa’s rich color variety or unique custom color combination to provide contemporary, artistic, handmade lighting solution with warm and cozy mood.

Mammalampa's Sisters are characterised by refined and nuanced artistic color relationships. Each lampshade is unrepeatable piece, exclusively handmade by Mammalampa’s professional craft masters, each one is slightly unique.

The beautiful texture of The Sisters lampshade generates a warm and cozy mood. Lamps can be used in a plenty of ways for residential lighting - as living room lighting, lobby lighting, bedroom lighting, dining room lighting. But they will also suit public areas - perfect for beautiful meeting room light, cozy atmosphere restaurant lighting or to add some creative vibes for lobby lighting.

Lamps are designed and handmade exclusively by Mammalampa.


Durchmesser: 43 cm
Lampenschirmhöhe: 37 cm
Max. Höhe: 200 cm

Technische Daten:

Basistyp: 1 x 27, Max. 100W

Mammalampa is a bespoke design lighting brand based out of Latvia. The company's name is "mammalampa" and it fully expresses the products and the people behind the brand, who create these products. This capacious name includes their value system. "Mamma" (mom) is at the core of their philosophy - back to the roots, the real, non-produced, and the fact that feminine approach dominates in the lamp design. "mammalampa" lamps are created from natural materials and with minimal technological means, primarily through manual labour, primitive material processing or even untreated materials. They strive for to go back to the genuine. "mammalampa" is focused on the "hunger" for the fair and primeval. “mammalampa” imagines materials in an unexpected light, creating its own distinctive signature and values.

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THE SISTERS MEDIUM - Pendelleuchte